Hi! I’m Regan Boone, and welcome to Highway Highlands Farm!

I’m just like you, I love to eat! As a mother of two boys who loved jelly sandwiches, I was always looking for alternatives to the old standbys of strawberry and grape. And so I’ve been whipping up fancy, custom jams and jellies since way back when. (Remember, Mom controls the sugar!)

Over the years, friends and family have enjoyed these homemade delicacies and been lavish with their praise. When they encouraged me to expand my efforts, Highway Highlands Farm was created and I’ve become a purveyor of gourmet jams, jellies and preserves.

At Highway Highlands Farm, only the finest fruits and natural ingredients are even considered. I say, if the fruit isn’t appealing to the eye, why put it in jars? My passion has become my obsession, and at any given farmer’s market, you may find as many as 61 varieties of my offerings available!

In my kitchen you’ll find me constantly experimenting with new flavor combinations. Today, my dear friend (photographer and webmaster) DJ, brought me one of his son’s seasoning blends, Matt’s Dry Rub, in the Coffee Thyme variety. One whiff and I said, “Bacon Date Jalapeno Jelly with Chef Matt’s Coffee Thyme as the accent flavor!” Inspired! Over the moon!

If I’m not cooking up these delicacies, I’m either out doing some offroad exploring or I’m at the Farmer’s Market waiting for you to stop by and say Hi! My schedule will soon show where Highway Highlands Farm will be offering all these delicious jams and jellies. If you can’t wait, (we really are alike!), scroll down for a look at everything I offer and make your choices!