Where are we?

Well, thanks to everyone who has tried, and loves, (and buys!) our yummy stuff, now you can visit us locally, (more below), and worldwide, (Internet, right?!), to order or pick up a jar, or several!, or just say Hi!

Locally, in 2020, we’ll be at the Montrose Farmer’s Market every Sunday from 9AM to 2PM. If you’d like to pick up a jar or two and you can’t make it to the Farmer’s Market, our goodies are always available at Twigs and Things in Montrose, CA, and now at We Olive, in Ventura, CA, where you can acquire jars of a We Olive Ventura Exclusive Blackberry Balsamic Jam of ours.

So, where are we, REALLY? In the kitchen, OBVIOUSLY, creating little jars of magic! Thanks for stopping by!