At Highway Highlands Farm, the first step in the process of creating any kind of delicious edible happens in the imagination of the cook, (no images are available), and those creative inspirations are like the flow of a river. It’s constant. The ideas just keep coming.
Once the brainstorm has passed a reality check, it’s time to start gathering the ingredients. Often the goods are already in the pantry, but sometimes the search for just the right flavor gets more involved. Like driving all over LA and beyond to trusted sources and occasionally finding new ones along the way.
When everything’s been assembled, a workflow takes shape and it’s time to fire up the lovingly restored, vintage 1947 O’Keefe & Merritt stove and move the magic forward.

Having the right tools at hand ensures the smooth progression of steps from cooking the fruit for the precise amount of time, to carefully (most of the time) transferring the hot mix into jars. Then all the filled jars go into a boiling hot water bath to preserve the awesome contents. This gives the jars a one year shelf life (unopened), and, once opened, they stay fresh for 3 to 6 months if refrigerated. Which probably won’t happen, once you taste any of these, IMHO.

The Good Stuff